Why "Daydreaming Escape..."?
The answer is so simple...Life in general is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, sad and happy moments, situations and circumstances...Because of all that...Don't we ALL need an escape...a DAYDREAM ESCAPE?!! I create this Blog for all of us who need to escape in a dream once in a while...I want this to be about beautiful softness, romance and relaxation. Of course...a little bit of humour too!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

White Bedrooms: The Sanctuary of our dreams...

The bedroom should be a sanctuary...a place of comfort and relaxation. It should be clutter free and decorated with a little bit of sparkles!!! I love plush bedding and white furnitures...I discovered these beautiful photographs through "Ciao Bella's website"and {This is Glamourous}.


  1. I too love white bedrooms.. so simple and perfect! xx

  2. Thank you for visiting me and becoming a follower because now Ive found you and will be putting you on my blogroll. I love your choices of pics as I would choose them all too. Im looking forward to enjoying your blogs as Im sure they will give me the dreaming I love to escape to with blogs.Fiona