Why "Daydreaming Escape..."?
The answer is so simple...Life in general is filled with ups and downs, good and bad, sad and happy moments, situations and circumstances...Because of all that...Don't we ALL need an escape...a DAYDREAM ESCAPE?!! I create this Blog for all of us who need to escape in a dream once in a while...I want this to be about beautiful softness, romance and relaxation. Of course...a little bit of humour too!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rendez-Vous with Jessica - The designer of Rags To Riches Jewelry...

Jessica...The woman behind Rags to Riches  jewelry  kindly agree to answer a few questions for us...How wonderful it is to get to know in a more personal note our talented Etsy sellers! Enjoy this warm rendez-vous with  Jessica!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did it all start?

My name is Jessica Ragsdale, I live in Marshfield MO. It is a very wonderful small town in Southwest Missouri... about 60 miles from by Branson MO for those of you who are for sure where in the world Marshfield might be. Our little town is full of character and charm. 
I have been making jewelry for about 5 years. I have always been artistic and I have always loved to paint and draw! After having my daughter I was needing something to do to relax. I stayed home with her for 4 years. After about a month of those 4 years I needed something to do with my time when I wasn't taking care of her. So I went shopping one day and there was a very expensive piece of jewelry I loved and wanted. I couldn't afford it but my hubby said I could make something just as great or better. (Great to have supportive hubby's, huh?) Of course I had never made any jewelry before but I have always been artistic so I bought some beads at a local hobby store. I made a necklace and my mother in law liked it and asked if I could make her one. So I did and then her friend asked for one and it all began! My mother in law would take my jewelry to work and would sell it for me. That's how it started. I have taught myself everything and I enjoy trying new and different materials. 

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by something as simple, yet as interesting a button. I can “hear” a story from it and see the design in my head. (Yes, I hear voices!) Everyday items can be very interesting, like the color of a platter or the design/pattern with in a leaf made by the veins. Really, I am inspired by many things. Of course my daughter, Madison, is a big one! She is always cutting and gluing. The colors she picks are so interesting! Nature would be another big one. I love the seasons changing and the different moods it brings. I base my designs off my mood and I am a moody chic! 

What do you love most of what you do?

I love taking something raw and making into something that is unique. It brings joy to others and gives me room to use my imagination.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daydreaming Rendez-Vous With Roxanne

Today I invite you to escape yourself in a daydreaming world of  watercolor  while meeting our lovely Roxanne...She generously took the time to answer a few questions and it been a pleasure to get to know this warm and genuine artist....Enjoy!

 Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. How did it all start?
My name is Roxanne Tobaison and I live in sunny, central Florida – USA, and married with 2 grown daughters. My media of choice is watercolors for over 30 years. 
You can say my watercolors are: FrameableWearable and Collectable.

Example of ACEO - Sunrise Flight

Who or what inspires you?

I am a Florida native and the area is brimming with natural wonders, treasures, beauty and so many historical landmarks. 
My paintings are inspired by my surrounding and God’s Creatures and Creation.

My camera is a very important tool; I take all my reference shots.  My materials are watercolors, acrylics and occasionally pen and inks.  Although realistic, I enjoy doing some abstracts as seen mostly in my pendants.

Recently, I added a line of glass tile pendants necklaces that showcase my original watercolor paintings.  These are affordable pieces of art that can be enjoyed and worn too.  These pieces are signed and titled and are OOAK. I also make ACEO’s baseball size trading cards – artists trading cards - which are collectable

  What do you love most of what you do?
 The main thing is that I feel blessed to have this God given talent and that others like it.  It’s personally fulfilling and therapeutic and wonderful when someone wants to purchase a piece.  Get rich doing it – I DON’T think so….but riches can be measured in many different ways.

Etsy activity
I am now a member of The Crafty Housewives Etsy Team, CASTTEAM…Christian Artists Street Team and CAPS – Christian Artist Promoting Shops and BlueBird. 

I love to make and view treasuries and participate in nonteamchallenges which has a different inspiration piece each week.  It is so interesting to see the creative process of the other curators.